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+ Administrators can now be hidden whilst on-duty
+ You can now run discord commands to the server.
~ Updated setting a players health to 100 with SetPlayerMaxHealth
+ Added a tutorial
~ Selecting a gender will restrict you to that gender skin
~ Changing nations during the tutorial will move you to that nation
~ Added support for dynamic nation camera movement for new nations
+ Started EMS recoveries for injured players
~ Injured players will non longer take damage or give damage to others
~ Doors entered will remembered upon logout so if you die when returning EMS can still reach you
~ Corrected "IsPlayerBusy" returning true on freeze state when it's false
~ Business exit doors now appear once again
+ Dynamic hospitals can now set two /deliverpt points via /hpedit (access for vehicles and/or helicopters)
+ Added VIP Status to accounts (Base system currently)
~ VIP can be issued as "Lifetime" which will never expire (LA+)
~ Finished the /editgroup command (Editing name, radio color etc..)
~ Added base for group lockers
~ Hunger will no longer take effect whilst in prison
~ OOC Prison timer will run regardless if online / offline
~ IC Prison timer will only run whilst in-game
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